May 15, 2011

Something for me...

I had been making a few things for others in the last few months so I was eager to make something for myself...

Over the Easter break, I started on the Hoooked Zpagatti Roma bag kit I bought at the Rosehill Craft Expo in March.

I really enjoyed making this bag. I think it has turned out quite nice and most of all useable although a little different to picture in the pattern. I think mine is little longer width wise and contrasting sides give my bag a different look again.

Overall, I love the material and marvelled at the designer's creative ideas. Whilst the pattern is quite simple, I do think that my crochet experience definitely came in handy. It didn't take me very long, I think all up, probably 36 hours including sewing up a liner for the inside. The pattern didn't call for a liner and I think I could get away without it but I never know what I put in my bags, better to have something to cover up the little cracks so nothing can fall out of it. Speaking of the liner, I think I will make another one with a drawstring as well. I will see how this one works. It is also worth mentioning that this is one heavy bag but I like to see it as very sturdy!

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