July 13, 2014

FIA European Drag Racing Championship - Santa Pod Raceway

After the Faroe Islands, we flew over to London to pick up a hired car for our 4 days of drag racing event at the Santa Pod Raceway.

This trip can't just be all about me right?! I was originally looking at the Isle of Man TT but timing didn't fit so the first event of the FIA Euro Drag Racing season would have to do...

Unfortunately the weather god didn't cooperate but I think Terry had a good time anyway...

Whilst rained out Friday, half Saturday and all day Monday, we had a fantastic qualifying Sunday. There were so many warm welcome and kind hospitality from all the FIA European dragracers, we felt more than at home.

All were not lost since the Raceway is located in Bedford where there are cute villages and excellent pubs (well, wouldn't be England without a good pub or two in every corner). We stayed at a B&B called Newton Park Farm in Newton Blossomville and also very close to a town called Olney.

On the rainy Monday, there was also a craft fair at nearby Castle Ashby Gardens. Believe me, I didn't line that up at all, just happened...

At The Old Mill pub in Newton Blossomville...

The next day when we were heading back to London to fly up to Edinburgh, the sun came out... Doh!

I just love English countryside!!!

Faroe Islands - AMAZING!!!

The next morning, we flew from Copenhagen to Faroe Islands!

Why Faroe Islands? I have been asked this by many many people in the last few months and most people looked at me oddly when I told them. It all started with this H&M ad

I was completely obsessed! Immediately after seeing this youtube clip (for several times), I watched as many videos about the Faroes as I could find. That was last August... Often I would say "one day, I want to visit this place...", with the Faroe Islands, I was determined to put it on the top of my 40th birthday trip list.

I was fascinated by its remoteness, the culture and the weird looking sheep...

Situated between Iceland and Danmark, it's not exactly on everyone's travel list and that's precisely the reason I was so intrigued.

We had 5 full days (5 nights) there so I decided to base ourselves in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands' capital city. It is also known as one of the world's smallest capital cities.

Day 1 - arrived at the Vágar where the airport is...

We hopped on a bus to head to Tórshavn

Our apartment in Tórshavn, it's called Berg Apartment, it is centrally located so very convenient. The only negative about this place is the lack of shower pressure but everything else were comfortable.

Day 2 - blue sky! We explored Tórshavn. We a balmy 9 degrees day, perfect for lots of walking. Met some very friendly locals who helped us get on the right bus to the historical museum. We had the whole place to ourselves!

Day 3 - need I say more... it was a rainy day so we hung out in Tórshavn... and visited the country's famous yarn shop Sirri.

More grass roofs, I can't seem to get enough of these roofs!

Day 4 - From the light house in Tórshavn to the Birdcliffs and Grottos off Vestmanna

Day 5 - our last full day on the Faroe Islands... it was so cold and rainy but we decided to venture out anyway. We took a bus to Klaksvik, a town in one of the northern islands. It's picturesque even in "arctic" condition! We promptly found a cute cafe to thaw out and took pictures from...

Faroe Islands didn't disappoint, in fact, I definitely want to go back since we were largely in the capital city. No words can describe it to do the place justice. It's a wonderful country with kind and talented people, amazing landscape and incredibly rich and interesting history!! 

I am already plotting the route for our next trip now that I have a better idea of what is where. 

Up up and away... Sydney to Copenhagen

It has been a crazy year for us both work wise so this holiday was much needed.

Here is us waiting to check in at Sydney airport... yes there were our backpacks! We used these in 2001 for our working holiday backpacking to a lot of places and I was determined to use them for this trip again. I am sentimental like that.

Oh did I say that Bertie came along too?

After almost 25 hours, we arrived in Copenhagen!

We stayed at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen and I will totally go back there. It's smack bang in the middle of everything and the staff were excellent. Opposite from the train station, yet it wasn't noisy.

Our flight got in really early so by the time we got to the hotel, it was still before 7am! After that many hours in transit, we were jet lag and desperately needed to have a shower and some shut eyes. They checked us in straight away without any questions! The wifi was also excellent!

After a couple of hours of sleep, we ventured out, trying to make the most of our one day in this beautiful city!

We really couldn't have had better weather. It's a shame that we only had one night in Copenhagen before transiting to the Faroe Islands as there were so much to see and do there. We really must go back!