April 5, 2010

A progress report - Lionbrand Harbor Scarf

I think I really need to knit faster.... Here is what I am up to - almost 38.5cm in one MONTH! The pattern says I need to make it to 180.5cm. That's 142cm to go so by this calculation, it will take me another 3.5 months to finish. I don't have 3.5 months, my friend's birthday is on 30 May.

Knitting on the train is not as easy as crocheting which I have done periodically. So far, I have only been knitting in the morning trip as I leave early and always get a seat comfortable enough but that's not always the case in the evening. I am always worrying that I would poke someone which I have done accidentally. One incident to date and this girl just gave me an evil look - SORRY! Most people are very good about it but you get the odd ones which I can't blame them... really. If they hate going to work early already and then having to sit next to someone so cheerful, bobbing her head to the music she is listening to from her ipod, and clanking (more like chiming I think) all the way to the city with their knitting needles...

Anyway, I just have to knit at night and on the weekends too I think. Probably not procrastinating and reading other people's blog would be a good start! Or not having 3 other projects on the go would help too I think... : ) I did say previously that I am not very good at any repetitive tasks, especially those that need to be 180.5cm long - just as well the cable stitches keep me interested (rows 3 and 7, rows 3 and 7, just keep chanting I might get there quicker)!

On that note, I'd better get back to it.... just as well we have the 4 days holiday for Easter.

Until next time, blog soon and take care.

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