April 5, 2010

Master "Chu" the Pig

So I have a confession to make... I didn't knit any of the scarf after my post this afternoon... I mentioned how I had 3 other projects on the go and this new amigurumi was one of the them.

"Chu" is pig in Chinese. I began designing this little pig a couple of weeks ago and did up some sketches. Then I made the head and ears straight away but couldn't decide on the body or more so how to make his "Kung fu" jacket. I tried out different stitches for a bit and finally had some ideas this afternoon.

So I picked up the crochet hook and started on the body/ jacket for Master Chu, then I before I knew it, 3 hours have passed and I was getting closed to the image in the head...

This time, he is all mine. Every row/ round and every stitch. I am very happy with how this amigurumi has turned out and now that he is done, I can be content with the scarf!

Until next time, blog soon and take care!