April 27, 2014

Something I started in October 2012!

I am so excited that I finished the Haruni shawl!!!!!!!

Only taken me 18 months but it's done!!! AND it's in time for Mother's Day!

Here are some stats:
Yarn: Fibernymph Dye Works in the Sunshine base
Colourway: The roof is on fire gradient (448m/ 490 yards) & Crimson (90m/ 98 yards)

I love this yarn, it's hand dyed by Lisa of Fibernymph Dye Works and the colours are so vibrant. This is what the gradient looked like when it first arrived.

I ran out of yarn with 6 more rows (over 600 stitches) to go! I then wrote to Lisa and she was ever so helpful and dyed up a skein of the red colour (crimson) just for me. Lisa did offer to make a half skein but I love this yarn so much, I am sure I will use it one way or another.

I must say I was starting to think that I could never finish it... The pattern is not difficult, in fact, it's easy to follow and very thorough.

As it got bigger, each row took longer and more to remember.

With Terry away this long weekend, I was determined to make some serious progress on this but I didn't expect to finish it. SO HAPPY!

I have to thank hours of recorded TV... The edging alone took almost 3 episodes of Scandal!!

Cause I am just a little proud :)

I can't wait until it is dry and hopefully take some photos of it on mum.

Off to start another project now :) Stitch with love!


  1. Wow. That is totally amazing! So much tiny detail...very well done!

    1. Thanks so much Claire! I am so proud of this because it took so long and a lot of concentration was needed to remember where I was up to. I learned heaps though :) I just looked at your blog, totally adorable!