July 13, 2014

I am BACK!!!

Whoa, I can't believe it has been almost 3 months since I last blogged! Although I do have good reasons, it's still been too long...  anyhow, what are these good reasons I speak off??

I turned 40!

Saké is located at The Rocks in Sydney and I had wanted to try this place for a long time now. It was Mother's Day so the restaurant was quite crowded by the staff were all very attentive and knowledgeable too. So I started with a green tea martini (it was so yummy!). Then seared salmon, snapper & scallop sashimi with truffle ponzu dressing, followed by scallops and kingfish double crunch (inside & out) maki's then finally onsen tamago 12 hour braised pork belly with daikon radish & 64°c hens egg in truffle oil scallions...

We were so full, we couldn't fit in any dessert which I must say not usually my style :)

After dinner, as we walked back to the car, we noticed the street was almost deserted, what a great opportunity to snap a pic with the Sydney Harbour Bridge as our back drop!

Then we started our almost 5 weeks birthday celebration trip!

This was our itinerary but I will cover all off the places over a 4 blog posts (hopefully most of them uploaded today), plus one to recap all the yarny adventures!

Date Depart Arrive
15/05/2014 Sydney Singapore
15/05/2014 Singapore Copenhagen (Kastrup)
17/05/2014 Copenhagen (Kastrup) Faroe Islands (Vagar)
22/05/2014 Faroe Islands (Vagar) Copenhagen (Kastrup)
22/05/2014 Copenhagen (Kastrup) London (Heathrow)
22/05/2014 London (Heathrow) Santa Pod
27/05/2014 London (Heathrow) Edinburgh
27/05/2014 Scotland
10/06/2014 Edinburgh London (Heathrow)
14/06/2014 London (Heathrow) Singapore
15/06/2014 Singapore Sydney

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