April 20, 2014

A beanie for me!

Check it out! I made a beanie for me :)

I talked about the Minno Hat in a blog the other week and it is now done! I am so happy with it. It's squishy and very warm.

The pattern is very clear and super easy to follow, well worth the $5. 


The stranded colourwork is very simple and not too many ends to weave in although it looks messy.

See, all the ends are weaved in, nice & tidy!

Here are some stats:

Yarn: Luxury 8 ply by Bendigo Woollen Mills
Colourway from the bottom up: Slate (0307), Tangerine (0347), Koala (0353), Aquarium (0324), Baby Pink (0318), Baby Mint (0317)
Needles: Knit Picks 80cm circular 3.5mm & 4mm

Modifications... yes I did that. It appears that I have a big head! just around not the height. I knitted the large size but started decreasing early, after 7th round from the last row of colourwork. Then I worked 8 pairs of decrease every other round before decrease every round.

It's slightly sloughy but I like how it sits on my head.

How about the details!

So I am going to be warm this winter :)

Stitch with love...


  1. I love the little spots of color you've woven through... like a little rainbow peeking through during dreary winter days! So cute!

  2. Thanks so much Amy! I like how you have described it :) this beanie makes me so happy - definitely like rays of rainbow peeking through!