April 20, 2014

The Knitting in Public Meetup group

Happy Easter!

And happy long weekend.... really I would be lying if I wasn't excited about having a few days off work too... been so hectic.

It has been a rather productive weekend so far! I almost finished the March quarter BAS for Terry, cleaned the house, did all the laundry, did more holiday planning and the funnest thing of all.... drum rolls please! I went to my first knitting group gathering! Yes I did and it was so much fun!!!

The Meetup group is Knitting in Public - Sydney which I joined last October and I am so glad I did. For one reason or another I had not been able to attend any events until now.

This particularly event was held at the cafe in the Art Gallery NSW and what a perfect location. Check out the beautiful Sydney autumn day...

I was there for more than 3 hours, chatting, sharing crafty and other stories with a group of wonderful kind people. If it wasn't for some errands I had to do in the city, I would have stayed longer.

Only managed to get two good photos but you get the idea... I finished a beanie there too (blog shortly), made progress on the Binic baby pullover and did another row on the Haruni shawl. I think I knit quicker when I am chatting with other people!

Until the next meeting... stitch with love!

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