February 2, 2014

Bertie's adventure - Getting up close and personal with nature

What a wonderful way to start February! We spent a day at a friend's beautiful beach house in Maianbar, a short drive south of Sydney. It was a fantastic summer day. The water was nice and fresh and the wild life was out and about in full swing.

A friendly kookaburra dropped in for a visit, well, he was really watching us eat and waiting for the perfect moment to snatch another sausage from us… but what a perfect photo opportunity for Bertie!

Love my city!


  1. This is really cute, Bertie is gorgeous - cute little bag. This reminds me of some 'very' friendly kookaburra's we saw at an open air restaurant on Hamilton Island years ago. One was so friendly it stole somebody's dinner ... :O

    1. Thanks Mignon! Bertie loves all of his accessories… We can't leave the house without the bag! There was a family of kookaburras sitting on trees off the balcony watching us. Periodically one would swoop in and take a closer look. Last time we had a BBQ there, one of them flew in and snatched a whole sausage off my friend's hand!