February 22, 2014

Lampshade making workshop & a product review

Last Sunday I went to a Lampshade Making Workshop at Sew Make Create. The workshop is taught by Anna Trigg of 3Chooks Lampshades and it was so much fun! The next scheduled class is on 22 March.

Here are some pics from the day. I was so happy with my lampshade that I bought a second kit so I can have a matching pair.

There is fabric and there is glue and I didn't end up wearing the glue! That in itself is worth writing home about.

So today I made the 2nd shade! I wanted to make it sooner rather than later while I still remember the tips and tricks Anna told us in the class.

The kit is AU$39.95 which I think is excellent value as it has everything (even the glue!) except the fabric.

Tah dah!

I also bought these simple black lamp bases from Anna and I think they go really well with the shades. They are from IKEA and I think they are excellent value too!

Here they are with bulbs in... thanks to darling husband who made a trip to the lights shop for me this week!

I had wanted them to be bedside lamps but we don't have proper bedside tables so they are in the living room for now...

The fabric is from IKEA which I picked up a metre of a couple of years ago... wish I bought more now! The dark black and stark white give the bright orange a striking effect and they really lift the room up. I still have a bit of fabric left so I am thinking about some cushions now... yep, add it on the list!

As you can see, it's a lived in room with lots of lived in mess! :)

I am so happy that I decided to join the class last Sunday! After all, I did say I wanted to try new things this year!

Tomorrow I am going to an all day polymer clay workshop at Sydney Jewellery School in Rosebery, Sydney and I can hardly wait!

It has been a few weeks since I last blogged as the day job has been so hectic but I have a few things lined up I want to share so hopefully I will get to them soon!!

Until next time, stitch with love!

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