January 29, 2014

Year of the Horse 2014

Happy Lunar New Year!

31 January 2014 marks the first day of the Year of the Horse. Apparently people born in the year of the horse are said to be great communicators but can be impatient. They love attention and very popular among friends. Maybe there's where the term "show pony" comes from… 

I was a bit slow in coming up with an amigurumi pony this year and I also had a hankering for some hand stitching so I made Harry from felt. 

Harry is a Pony, despite what he tells ya, he is not a Clydesdale or a Brumby. He is not an exhibitionist he imagined himself as, though this is not to say that he can't a clown amongst friends.

Basically a simple 3 piece pattern I hand drawn but I did add darts the top of the head as well as on the body where the tail is to give him some shape.

A different shade of brown for the snout gives him a added dimension too.

 May the Year of the Horse brings you happiness and good health!

Stitch with love...

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