January 6, 2014

New year, new Bunny to a new Home

Today I sent Belle, the Happy Happy Joy Joy Amigurumi Bunny to her new home where a newly arrived baby girl awaits!

Of course and her pet carrot Crunch.

Standing at 25cm tall from tip of her ears to her toes and 10cm wide across her tummy, Belle is extremely huggable. She is basically a bigger version of Mixy and Vinnie who are only half the size but just as charming of course… it's just that a bigger version is safer, you know, not as easily eaten by the tiny human...

Belle is very soft because she is made entirely from 100% merino wool. The felt pieces are also 100% wool. The matching fabric ear pieces and the perle embroidery thread are 100% cotton so with the machine washable yarn, Belle can be thrown (if REALLY necessary) in the washer though must be in a wash bag like a delicate item.

Button tail...

Ah so Crunch the pet carrot… Well, Belle won't go anywhere without it. It's her pet! Crunch is made from 100% cotton yarn in very shiny bright colours!

Those big ears come in handy, right?

Cheeky and very happy, Belle is a perfect friend to grow up with.

Go forth and be happy happy joy joy - HUGS!

Stitch with love...


  1. Belle the Bunny is super cute! She also looks very cheeky. One lucky baby to have Belle to grow up with.