January 12, 2014

Bertie's adventure - Rubber Duck

After all, what is a trendy bear to do but  checking out the legendary giant Rubber Duck on this beautiful warm Sydney day? As part of the Sydney Festival 2014, internationally-acclaimed artist Florentijn Hofman's duck returned to float on our water again and I must admit, I was super excited!

Sitting on the Parramatta river at Parramatta Park between Pavilion Flat & Government Farm, the giant Rubber Duck is indeed imposing and very very cute.

We made a nice morning of the outing. First we had breakfast at the Mars Hill Cafe near the Riverside Theatre where I had my debut handmade craft market last March. Then we took a leisurely stroll along the river to the Park. You really cannot miss the path as there are yellow foot prints marking the way! Although I did wonder why they are so small and I was promptly reminded why concerned myself with such minor details! hahaha

It was relatively early, around 10am, so the crowds were still pretty small but the heat was definitely setting in and I am glad we didn't leave it any later. You can't really get a nicer day weather wise!

This year Bertie will be out and about with us and there are going to be many more "Bertie's Adventures' to come!

Stitch with Love...

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