January 19, 2014

Meet Bart

It has been such a crazy week at work that I only just got to post about Bart, an amigurumi custom order I sent off last Monday.

Bart here is a relo (for the non-Aussies, that means relative) of Monty but he is definitely got the taller genes like Eleanor the aspiring botanist. He stands 21cm tall, 15cm from ear to ear and has a 10cm belly. Very cuddly, perfect for his new human who I believe is yet to be born!

Bart's made entirely from merino wool yarn (both brown and red is Katia 100% extrafine superwash merinoin colourways 502 and 4 respectively). Felt pieces are 100% wool felt and his scarf is 100% superwash merino yarn by Knitterly Things, colourway Moon Dance). He is machine washable although I would avoid unless really really necessary and should be in a washbag like a piece of delicate clothing.

He has his scarfie cause where he is going will get cold and besides, he is one stylish bear!

Safe travels Bart!

As for me, I am off to start on the next baby softie… have a great Sunday!

Stitch with love x


  1. He is so darn cute. Like a little chocolate bear!

    1. Thanks Allison! You just gave me an idea! Maybe I would make a chocolate strawberry bear next!