January 6, 2013

Meet Miss Misty

I am proud to introduce Miss Misty who is Milly's cousin. I have really enjoyed making Misty and I think I am getting better at hand stitching too. I used the same pattern and instructions from the Felt Friends From Japan book.

Miss Misty is a little shy yet quite chatty once she gets to know you. I have entrusted Misty with a dear friend who works overseas who I know will take very good care of her. She loves to sit on my desk watching me work and always seem to know when the right moment is to comment or help. Misty hasn't had any experience with little children but I am sure she will like them too.

Besides Misty, I have just been knitting like a possessed woman on the Sunnyside cardi... more on that next week!


  1. Wow, a talking and helpful fawn. You're friend is so lucky.
    I just found out that Berry is the home of quilt makers. I need all the inspirational I can get. May be a road trip is in order.

    1. I like a road trip! I have heard that Berry and the south coast have other yarnie delights and crafty retreats too!