January 13, 2013

New books!

ooh... look what the postman brought me this week! I told hubby that these were his Christmas presents to me :) genius!

Since my recent trip to New Zealand, I have developed a keen interest in the different types of sheep and fantasised at having a go at yarn dyeing. Like an obsession you can't shake off, I have been googling hand dyeing techniques and found this book called Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece.

Love the spiral binding!
I am fearful alright... possibly another addiction!
I also signed up for the Know Your Wool Craftsy mini class and got really fascinated by the fiber from various sources. I love the mini class so much that I purchased The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook, cowrote by the class instructor Deborah Robson. This is a free class but I would have purchased it if it was a proper length class - I kinda wished it was when I finished watching the last lesson. 

There are over 1400 sheep breeds, 100 goat breeds and other cool animals we sourced fiber from! I have been pawing all over this book and had to be quite disciplined not to tag all the pages! I can see this book being a permanent resident on our coffee table...

How cute are these sheep!!

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