September 3, 2012

My week in Queensland...

Also wanting to do a quick post about the week I spent in Queensland visiting family. I spent majority of the time at my parents' and split the time between Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

During my stay at my childhood home, I helped mum go through stuff in my old bedroom - a task my mum preferred to do with me. We found lots of school related documents dating back to kindergarten! Unfortunately you just can't keep everything and most of these things are no longer relevant so we spent a lot of time by the shredding machine. Some things we couldn't bring ourselves to throw out then   ... They include kindergarten report cards, early years ballet exam reports from the 80's! I also came across my application and admission acknowledgment for the honours topics from the university I went to in the early 90's. I am sure that I will be trashing these next time I clean up but for now, they came home with me. There are still all of the university notes at my parents' living comfortably in the top shelf of the wardrobe in my bedroom... yep and they still prefer that I throw them out instead of them... bless them...

We also found this! A very cute kit to make two kittens from some gloves. The kit is in Japanese but as all Japanese crafty stuff, there are very clear instructions in the back. So I will be making these up sometime soon!

While in Brisbane, mum took me to Tangled Yarns. I was very excited to finally visit the store as I eagerly wait for their weekly newsletter on Friday and the store looks exactly as I imagined. I couldn't walk away without picking up some yarn of course... Lovely squishy soft Cascade yarns.... heavens! Next time I go up there, I am going to make sure that I join one of their meet-ups held on Thursday night or Saturday.

Back to work tomorrow... :( until next weekend... :)

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