September 3, 2012

First stripy sock

I got my first self-striping yarns recently from Knitterly Things which has been very exciting for me but it has also taken me a few weeks to choose a pattern for my very first stripy socks. In the end I chose Cat Bordhi's Sweet Coriolis socks from her Sweet Tomato Heel Socks ebook.

I broke the skein into two balls and made sure that they weighted the same with the same colours (and length) at the start and end. So fingers crossed that the stripes match up...

Anyway I am pleased to report that the sock is turning out like the pictures in the book (always promising!) and the tomato heel wedges have worked out nicely.

I used 2.5mm circular needles in magic loop. I am knitting the medium size (7.5cm circumference) and did 3.5 wedges. I am going to start the diagonal ribbing 3 inches (7.5cm) up the leg so they will be part of the cuffs. I have decided to make the two socks the same in opposite direction. This has progressed well as I took a week break from work to visit family in Brisbane so I am sure that progress will be slow now that the holiday is over but I am really enjoying this pattern.

Cat Bordhi's ebook is fantastic and I am so glad I purchased it. She also has really detailed videos on youtube which I am constantly referring to.


  1. Groovy socks Amanda! I like the colours and you've designed them really well :)

    1. Thanks Marjon! I only wish I was this talented to design socks! But don't you just love the magic of self stripin yarn!? The yarn is doing all the hard work witchange instant colours change - so clever xx