September 9, 2012

Milly the Fawn

This weekend I finished Milly the Fawn from the book Felt Friends from Japan I started a couple of weeks ago. She is completely hand stitched by me. I haven't deviated from the pattern at all as I wanted this to be a learning exercise for both pattern designs and hand stitching. I even stuck to the same colours and the facial expression, things I generally go on a tangent at! I have such unsteady hands, the stitches are completely uneven but she is handmade...

I love how she has turned out. There is a mischievous look about her. The slight tilt of the head added to her personality. I didn't position her head like this, I had started out having her nose facing ahead straight on from her chest but as I sewn I realised that it wasn't going to that way but I was also relieved to see that at least it wasn't backward!

There are a lot of darts in this pattern so I now have a better understanding of how darts can work. Another, rather important, thing I have learned about making Milly is the type of felt to use. The pink felt is 100% acrylic so thicker and stiffer; whereas the cream colour felt is a mix (can't remember what of) and a lot softer (what attracted me to it) and thinner. The result? Parts of Milly's underbody has torn slightly although not obvious because I used a really light pink thread and the white stuffing helps. So I am going to do some research on the type of felt that's best for softie making.

Milly will be sitting on my desk as an new inspiration to softy making. I will be using more durable felt and perhaps mixing up with fabrics for the next animal friend from the book.

Keep stitching!!

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