June 9, 2012

Been so long...

Whoa, it has been so long since I last blogged... I got distracted with experimenting different softie making techniques and then I went away to see the olds for week.

Here are some pics of a softie I am making and experimenting techniques with. Going slow but I think I am making progress...

Anyway am home now and have a finished project to show. I finished my first Norwegian baby hat by Djevellue. I followed Pennywenny’s notes to make the dinosaur ridges. I really enjoyed making this hat and just casted on another one since there are going to be two boy babies due in coming weeks within our group of friends.

Aside from this, I am still knitting the Lemongrass glittery Glinda socks by Stranded in Oz. I am at waste yarn row for the after-thought heel on the second sock. My first after-thought heel socks so I am going really slow...

Itching to get back to crafting and so happy that this is the Queen's birthday long weekend!


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