April 29, 2012

Experimenting - 2D to 3D

I have been experimenting with gusset techniques to make a more rounded head. My main resources are from Abby Glassenberg's as well as Maritza Soto's blogs. Two really talented softies designers.

These are hand sewn with felt pieces. I just wanted to test the techniques I have learned and I think they turned out as I imagined them to be. There are others I want to try but I am happy with these.

Another technique I tried was from Home Spun from the Heart using a tear drop shape piece. I cut out 6 pieces to form the rounded shape. As I used a piece of orange felt, it was looking like a pumpkin or a persimmon so I just cut out a green piece and stuck it on top. I might as well use it as a pins cushion right? It looks quite cute actually and I don't think my camera focused properly!

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