August 13, 2011

An iPhone sleeve in a road trip

Recently a friend asked if it would be possible to knit a sleeve for her iPad with a slit in the front to slide it in. I said sure why not. So last weekend when we took an 8 hours drive to visit the family, I decided to work on the sleeve in the car. The result is this:

Maybe some eyelashes or teeth?

Anyway, my pattern is for an iPhone 4 though it can easily be modified to fit an iPad or Kindle or any other tablets.
  1. Magic cast on 16 stitches on each needle, 32 in total
  2. Rotate work, slide top needle through
  3. Knit in the back loop across the 16 stitches, rotate
  4. Knit across the 16 stitches, rotate
  5. Put stitch marker on. Knit in round until work measures 9cm
  6. Knit 1, bind off 14, knit 1
  7. Knit across 16 stitches
  8. Knit 1, cast on 14, knit 1
  9. Continue to knit in the round for another 3cm approx
  10. Bind off using kitchener stitch.
  11. Weave in ends

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