May 1, 2011

Nuts about podcasts!

I have been nuts about podcasts for a while now but since I got my iPhone 4 last September, I have found more and more cool crafty podcasts and videocasts...

These are the ones on my iPod at the moment (in alphabetical order):

Cast-on - she is funny!
Knit Knit Cafe - I love the banter between mother and son
Knit Picks'
Knitmoregirls - a mother & daughter combo - their excitement is very infectious! They have some videos on youtube too
Knitting up a storm - finally an Aussie voice!
Never not knitting - Her theme song itself is enough for me to tune in!
Sew Forth Now
Sticks & String - another Aussie voice and David is from the Blue Mountains (another Sydneysider by my book!)
Subway knits - this podcast makes me want to go to New York!
YarnCraft by Lionbrand - this is my first podcast experience and I have listened to every episodes since 2009.
90% Knitting videocast - I love videocast! I love being able to see the beautiful yarns or the interesting projects Lisa talks about.

Yeah - there are a few there! I have not listened to the music on my iPod for weeks now. I am still searching a podcast just for just amigurumi, in the meantime though these interesting voices have been keeping me company on my way into and back from work while I am either knitting or crocheting... I love their detailed show notes and interesting, yet so real, stories. This craft community is awesome!


  1. Hiya! It's Maria from the Subway Knits podcast - thank you so much for the mention! I have been to Sydney/Blue Mountains/Katoomba/Canberra once back in February 2008 and I am DYING to get back, especially to see the old stomping grounds of my husband up in the Gold Coast.

  2. Hi Maria! No worries, I love your podcast. There are lots to see in Oz so you should definitely come back. :)