September 24, 2010

I spy with my little eyes... something beginning with "i"

Hello iPhone 4 and welcome to 2010! I had wanted the iPhone since the first 3G model came out but procrastinated as I always do over stuff is not work related... before you knew it, 2 new models later I realised that I still looked at the iPhone with puppy dog  eyes and it wasn't one of those "love at first sight impulse want" feeling... Fast forward couple of months after the launch of iPhone 4, I finally pulled my finger out, gathered what paperwork necessary and dragged my ever so patient hubby with me to the Telstra Shop yesterday morning. Unfortunately the nice man at the Telstra Shop told me that they had no stocks! How could that be? I did all the research. I went in their shop two weeks ago where they told me that their shipment comes Wednesday and should have one left by Thursday night and it was only Thursday morning... Anyway remember how I said I did my research? I have been told that JB HiFi usually has more stocks and on we marched to JB HiFi. Luckily they had one left but it's a 32GB phone... hmmm, I only wanted a 16GB but one look over to hubby and he encouragingly nodded his head, I thought "oh what the heck", I didn't have to be told twice!

Enough of this obsession with the iPhone (for now). I would like to properly farewell my trusty Nokia... Thanks little phone, you have done your job and you can now retire (possibly go to a museum as the young man at the shop jokingly suggested).

I am off to find some more cool free apps for my new iPhone, design and make a pouch, put in all my email contacts.......

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