April 3, 2010


When my mum saw the Simply Stylish Handbag I made earlier this year, she immediately put in an order for herself. But I also knew that my mum prefers to wear a casual bag across her shoulders so I started to do some research as the strap from the Simply Stylish Handbag is not long enough for her to wear it that way. Finally I decided I would be brave and use what I have learned so far and create something but still based on the Simply Stylish Handbag... I have made the bag deeper and ordered in a long leather strap from U-Handbag although the strap is thinner than I wanted, I think it will work fine.... fingers crossed!

Here is what I am up to... hopefully by the end of this weekend, it will be done, in time for mum visiting on 11 April.

Until next time, blog soon and take care...

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