January 2, 2010

A new year, a new diary....

Yep, I still use a paper diary! In fact, I can't leave without a diary. Eons ago, I used to have an HP IPAQ and it did the job until we were backpacking & camping around Europe (that is also a long time ago) where I couldn't always find a power point to recharge the thing did I realise how useless it was. So I reverted back to the good old filofax until I got bored with it (also the refills get dearer and dearer each year). For a few weeks now I looked around for a cute/ funky looking diary but nothing grabbed me. Then I thought since I took up sewing again last year (hmmm, yep last year cause it is 2 Jan 10 today) and became increasingly obsessed with cute fabrics, I thought I would buy a cheapo diary and make myself a cover. The result is well okay... It is fine for my first attempt but some tweaking is definitely needed. I thought I did all the right things... I measured the diary I bought, twice! I made up a pattern on a computer so the measurements would be accurate... I mocked one up using calico and it was alright too... I measured carefully again before cutting the actual fabric... but I wanted it to be "cushier" so I used some fusible wadding with which I believe did something to the finished size of the cover. To cut the long (& embarrassing) story short, I had to "modify" the diary to make it fit into its cover...

So anyway, this is my 2010 diary!  I will make another one because I really want to figure out what changed the measurement!

I have made two more owls since last time I blogged as well, and here are the four of them together!

Until next time, take care and blog soon! xx

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