January 4, 2010

"What's those crochet toys you make called again?"

A dear friend of mine asked one day "what's those crochet toys you make called again?" I said "Amigurumi"... A few moments later, she told me that her husband works with a girl who also makes them. It took me a few seconds to process what she said because since I started crocheting about 15 months ago, I hadn't actually personally known or met anyone in Sydney who also makes amigurumi... and of course I was instantly interested! I am a naturally shy person and it is definitely not in my nature to just talk to strangers but I figured that she can't be too strange since we are into the same craft!

So fast forward a few weeks, today I have been given her email address and decided to introduce myself. I got a reply back a few hours later and now I have "met" Thuy. I am excited to know that there is someone so close to me geographically into the same crafty thing.

Thuy has a unique style in her designs (they are smaller in size which means they are quick to make) and not to mention super cute.

Anyway we will tee up a time to meet up soon!

Until next time, take care and blog soon! xx

1 comment :

  1. What is it called again? I still can't pronounce it.

    One of these day I will finish that bear.