March 17, 2014

How I made the Rainbow flowers

Here is how I made the Rainbow flowers for Sunshine & Lollipops.

I made these flowers using Perle cotton threads and because they are rainbow flowers, I picked rainbow colours.

1. First rainbow colour, cast on 6 chain stitches using magic ring cast on. Leave a 10cm tail, cut.
2. Next round, make 6 petals using the different rainbow colours.

Colour 2, in the first stitch, *Chain 2, 1 half double crochet, 3 trebles, 1 half double crochet, Chain 2, slip stitch*

Repeat the * to * for the remaining 5 stitches in the different colours.

Leave at least 15cm tail after each colour

At the last petal, make a slip stitch in the first chain of the first petal. Leave a 20cm tail and bind off.

Now weave in all the tails but leave one cause you might want to stitch it on something else or make a big loop to so you an hang it up somewhere.

Any questions with my pattern, just ask!

Sharing the stitchy rainbow love...


  1. Hi Manda,
    I do love those flowers, how clever! A good choice in using
    the perle cotton and just love how bright the colours are. The
    little touches on our projects really make them a bit more cool.
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. Thanks Anita, I know I love the shiny look of perle cotton and I happen to have all rainbow colours :)

  2. Your flowers are amazing! I wouldn't even think of making one with sooo many beautiful colours :) Cheers!

    1. Thanks so much December :) it all started with me trying to work out how to make a rainbow for the two amigurumi bears I called Sunshine and Lollipops. Then an idea of making something with the rainbow colours. Then when I was staring into space, I realised that flowers have petals and I can make as many as I want! So ding ding ding ding! That's how they came about! :)

      I just looked at your blog and I love the your amigurumi drop!! Very cute... Do you have a Facebook page? Anyway I will follow your blog now!

      Thanks again for coming back my blog!

    2. Wow, such cute story behing it :) I'm sure you'll find many more things that can be made with so many colours. Your bears are cute, too! And I see you're using Clover hooks :D

      Thank you for visiting my blog! I don't have a Facebook page, I have Facebook and Twitter profiles as a person, though.

    3. Thanks December :) I see that you found me on ravelry too! So nice to connect and check out your projects.

      I love the clover hooks! I don't think I can go back to normal ones now that I am used to the padded handles!

  3. Yup! Ravelry is so cool place!

    Yeah, I don't want to go back to normal hooks...

    Anyway, will you be publishing the pattern for flowers on Ravelry?

    1. Ah yes I should, shouldn't I! Thanks for the suggestion. I kept thinking I needed to put the pattern as a PDF but I should just publish it and refine it later... Thanks!!