March 23, 2014

Butterfly socks - finally done!

I started these stocks on 28 November 2013 and they are now finally done!!!

This is what they are supposed to look like....

so I am super chuffed that my socks look the same! hahaha

I knitted them toe up, one at a time using the magic loop technique on a pair of Hiya Hiya 2.25 mm 60cm circular needles. The yarn is Stranded In Oz Stranded Silk Sock (4 ply 70% Wool, 20% Nylon, 10% Silk) so they are really soft to knit with. The colorway is called Le maquis, a lovely variegated green.

For the toes, I used Judy’s magic cast on toes

I made 4.5 lace repeats before starting the Fish Lips Kiss heel.  I love this heel technique, super easy to remember too. I don't know if I prefer this to the Tomato Heel cause these socks I made are super comfy too... just have to alternate my socks until I work that out! See what I just did there?! :)

Then I worked 1.5 lace repeats after heel before extending the lace pattern for both front and back of the socks.

I did 11 rounds of 2 by 2 ribs for the cuff  before binding off using Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off.

Look how stretching they are!

I just love how they have turned out and they feel so beautifully soft and squishy. These will be wonderful winter socks!


Stitch with love xx


  1. Winter socks... well, you made them ahead of time! My projects are usually late few months, ha ha.
    But they look beautiful and warm. Lace pattern is very neat :)

    1. Thanks December :) I am a slow knitter so I thought I would start early. Also I get distracted easily. Actually I think I am just on time now that the weather starts to cool down. I love socks because they are so portable. Do you knit socks or little accessories too?

    2. Then it's good to plan your little projects, so they're finished on time :)
      I do knit, but things like scarves and hats. I tried once knit amigurumi, and it was a disaster. Can't handle the closing it up.

      How many projects do you have started now? I have... 5 :)

    3. I am like you, I prefer small projects. I have tried knitting toys too but just not same as crochet. I think my brain can read crochet a lot better than knitting. I have a shawl that I really need to finish and I am so close! I also two more projects I want to start. Plus I have some sewing projects on the list not to mention patterns I want typed up. So much fun creative things and so little creative time...