December 22, 2013

Squish the Bunny Wabbit from the Planet Peace

Two of my Squish the Bunny Wabbits went to their homes this week, just in time for Christmas! I believe they are making their journey overseas!

Made from adult sized crew socks and measuring at approximately 30cm tall from tip of the ears to the toes, these guys are perfect for those who love a good cuddle. They are extremely soft and squishable, not to mention the vibrant bright colours, completely reflect their personality.

Warning: On Planet Peace, the Squish Bunny Wabbits are named party animals of the year! On Planet Earth, they are pretty tame.

I machined sewed these guys using a walking foot. Here are some progress pics:

Travel safe, Squishies!

 Stitch with love...


  1. How cute! I love the designs on both! Have you seen my Christmas crocheting projects? I attempted a stocking for the first time lol! I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Pilar!! I will check out your latest projects shortly. I can't wait to see the stocking you made. Are you travelling over the holiday? Anyway have a lovely Christmas and safe holiday :)

    2. You're welcome and thank you! That stocking kind of tried my patience lol I may make another one next year since I have a better understanding how to make a stocking lol. No traveling plans, you? My birthday is actually on Christmas Day, I'll be turning 28.

    3. I have had projects like that too. I know it is a trying experience but the result is often very pleasing and rewarding. How special to have birthday on Christmas Day! Happy birthday!!