December 15, 2013

Percy Piggy and Niko Kitty Skinny Jeans

Meet Percy Piggy and Niko Kitty Skinny Jeans - my latest custom order for a full of spunk eight year old girl...

These two are polar opposite yet they are the best of mates. Percy is diligent, honest and well… nerdy and Niko is cheeky, fun, a bit moody and down right full of attitude.

Niko: It's not me, it's Percy! chuckle chuckle chuckle
He is always playing jokes on Percy but when it comes down to it, no one really believes him!

They are going to a fun family and all I say to them is "keep on eye on that Niko!"

Height: 20cm approx
Loves: fun and practical jokes. When he grows up, he is doing creative STUFF, none of this 9-5 business!
Style: skinny jeans and short sleeves jumper, messenger bag is essential (must be woollen!)
Best mate: Percy and as much as he likes to tease his friend, he is fiercely loyal to him.
Arms in the air like I just don't care!



Height: 25cm approx
Loves: books & numbers! When he grows up, he wants to be someone who makes a positive difference to people.
Style: buttoned cardi and loafers (felted please...)
Best mate: Niko… just cause he has a good heart!


Of course it was Niko whose photos shoot was bombed by the Creative Director… trouble makers always attract each other!

Stitch with love xx


  1. Hi Manda,
    They are both very cute projects and will
    be much loved I'm sure. Love the cute tail!
    Cheers, Anita.