November 8, 2013

Secret squirrel business is out of the bag!

The secret squirrel business cardigan is finished! YAY! I am super pleased at how it has turned out!

I just love the fair isle detail and the short rows collar!

For this project, I used almost 3 balls of Morris Estate 8 ply in the Storm colourway and a tiny bit (about 7 grams) in the Sprout colourway. It is a 100% Australian wool yarn and it knits up very soft and squishy.

I picked up the wooden buttons from my local Lincraft store and I think they work very well with this tiny garment.

I washed it with a small amount of SOAK Wash and lightly blocked it before weaving in the ends and sewing the buttons on.


Part way through I discovered that I needed more of the Storm colourway as I only had two in my stash. When I purchased an extra ball, it was from a different dye lot so the colours varied… A rookie mistake as I didn't realise until I finished one full sleeve - doh! I read somewhere that the best way is to alternate between one dye lot ball with the other. So I ripped back to a few rows before the ball change and started knitting one row of one ball and the next with the other. The result is acceptable although I would have loved to planned better so that's notes for next time!

I really enjoyed this project despite some the challenges along the way, mostly my own inexperience but that's how one learns! I will definitely make this again!

My friends love it and seeing how happy they are when they see my gift totally made my day!

Stitch with love!


  1. How cute! You did an amazing job on this :) You're so talented and creative!

    1. Thanks Pilar! I was just following the pattern really. I love challenging myself with techniques that I haven't done before.