November 21, 2013

Just like family

This week I sent away two custom orders and I felt like I was sending off a family member to experience their own adventures… That excited and proud feeling.

So let me introduce Eleanor the Amigurumi Bear and Dominic the Amigurumi Dinosaur!

These guys are great mates and I know they will look after their new humans who are brother and sister. How cool is that!  

Eleanor (aka Elea) is a classic flower child. She loves the gardens and an aspiring botanist. She always has a flower with her. Standing approximately 21cm tall, Elea is a perfect size to cuddle up to at the end of the day.

Dominic (aka Dommy) the pot belly dinosaur from the modern days. He is Hamish's cousin so he definitely has a mischievous streak but Elea will always keep him in line. This is not to say that he won't tease her every now and then but together they are one happy and caring pair!

Some progress pics of these guys…

I really like the stitch definition of the tail, I purposely only used the back loops to create the different texture.

I wanted Elea's arms to sit flat on the sides of her body so they are only very lightly stuffed and only in the paws. Making sure that they are even, I pinned them on first before positioning the tail and the legs.

I don't know if my creations reflect me but they seem to almost always have short legs!!

Elea and Dommy are going to be the little ones' Christmas presents so I have to wait to hear the final verdict. Although judging by my customer's reaction, I take comfort to know that these guys will be cared for in a loving home!

Stitch with Love!

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