August 29, 2013

Funny thing about weights... yarn weights

Knowing is not quite the same as seeing it with my own eyes and I just love how things turn out as expected!

I have been experimenting with different yarn types and weights in the past few weeks as I repeatedly tested the patterns I especially designed for the upcoming classes. I want to demonstrate that the bigger the yarn (weights), the bigger the final project.

Back row L to R: Katia Merino Baby extrafine (5 ply), Moda Vera Pure Wool 8 ply, Lincraft Premium Luxe (super bulky)
Front row L to R: Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 12 ply,  Panda Wool 8 ply, Katia Merino Baby extrafine (5 ply)

When making garments, gauge is extremely important as you want them to fit properly. When making stuffed toys like these amigurumi, the matter of gauge plays a role too. Understanding the weights of yarn will ensure that the final project meets your expectation.

All of these amigurumi were made off the same pattern, I didn't adjust the shaping or increase rounds, the various sizes were simply to be with the different weights in yarn!

Cool right!? Soon, I will write about my experience with the different yarn types like wool, cotton and acrylic...

Stitch with Love... 

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