August 24, 2013

Clover Amour crochet hooks review

With all the crocheting I have been doing, I found my hands cramping up a little too frequently. So after some research, I decided to try some Clover Amour crochet hooks.

I must say, they are certainly a treat! They are not the cheapest but I thought they are well worth the money. They don't just look cute, the padded grippy handle feels really comfortable in the hand.

There are 10 hooks in the set, ranging from 2.25mm to 6mm, all in different bright colours. The sizes in both millimetres and alphabet are etched in the handle, rather than printed on so they won't fade away.

All in all, I am pleased to have tried these as I must say these hooks have become my first go-to now!

Happy stitching...

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