June 2, 2013

Sewing with laminated cottons - learning a new technique!

I tried something new recently! Not long ago a friend asked if I could make a giant baby bib for her little girl who was starting to eat solid food, ergo the extra mess...

After a little research I found the Bapron by Craftiness is not optional. I love how it is an apron for a baby (yeah clever name, right?) and of course isn't the little model on the front of the pattern just so adorable! Anyway I promptly purchased the pattern and then I realised that I would need to work out how to sew with laminated cottons and bias tape.

It turned out that both were not as hard as I first thought! I think the joy of choosing from the huge range of laminated fabrics far out weighted any tricky sewing techniques...

Anyway the pattern is really well written, whilst I didn't make my own bias tape, her instructions are very clear there too.

I made the 6-18 months size which I think it is a little big on baby Olivia but this also means that it will last her for a little while. I have it on good authority that she loves it... Honestly seeing her happy smiley face is enough to make my day! Thanks to Olivia's mum and dad for allowing me to use these pics!

Sewing with laminated/ sticky fabrics can be tricky so Pinterest was my first stop (naturally!) and I found these great links (just to name a few):

And here are some progress pics:

I don't own any clips other websites suggest you use but I have loads of paperclips in all shapes and sizes. I did have to watch out to make sure they aren't too sharp and luckily most are fine.

I used the normal foot rather than a brand new walking foot I bought recently. I was too impatient to learn and wanted to get started on the sewing so I tried on a piece of scrap and all worked nicely! I will forever use the walking foot next time as I heard that will make things easier too.

What else did I learn? Sewing with bias tapes is fiddly and I really need to watch my seam allowance!

Other than that, will I make more baby aprons? For sure, maybe a bigger size next time to see how it will fit a toddler... they do painting and other stuff right? Although I would love to make some little pouches using the other cool laminated cotton I bought recently... Surely no one can expect me to just have bought enough for one project?!

Until then... stitch with love!


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    1. Thanks for dropping in Jess! Your pattern is excellent! We particularly love the design of the shoulders as they stay on the little one perfectly :)

  2. So glad i 've found your blog!!! I'll stick around if you don't mind a greek girl, new mama, new sewer , new crafter to comment your posts, and admire your skills!!! Kisses from Athens!!!

    1. Hello Athens! Thanks so much for your lovely comments Katerina!