June 1, 2013

Odie the Blue Bunny - 15 months on...

Thought I would do a "where are they now" on Odie the Blue Bunny amigurumi pattern I published in February 2012...

Odie was my first ever self-published pattern and I am surprised and excited to see the amount of hits he got. I put him on Craftsy and Ravelry, two of the most popular yarn crafting online communities there is.

So 15 months on, here are the stats! 534 downloads from my Craftsy pattern store and 4 projects queued on Ravelry!

These two websites are huge so I definitely didn't expect more than a hand full of hits let alone this type of numbers! I would however like to get some feedback on the pattern as I haven't gotten any yet. So that is my next task/ quest - to connect with people who have made an Odie somewhere in the world...

In the meantime, I am happy to have been able to share something that has brought me so much joy :)

Stitch with Love!

PS - I am pleased to report that the original Odie the Blue Bunny is living happily with a little boy, getting lots of cuddles and sloppy kisses!

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