June 12, 2013

Keeping track when crocheting in the round...

There are many ways to keep track of your work and many notions available for this task but I have found that this way is by far the simplest when crocheting in the round.

Remember the tail? I normally keep a pretty long tail (around 15cm) when I cast on.

1. Just before the first stitch after the first round (set up round), I position the tail to the back of the work (not the side facing you). Crochet as normal.

2. Just before the first stitch of the next round, I flip the tail to front of the work (see the arrow closest to the centre). Continue to crochet as normal

* This is the marker for the beginning of the round *

3. Then continue to work the increase rounds until no more increase is required.

4. At the next round, just before the first stitch, I flip the tail over so it is now on the inside of the work (see the arrow near the edge).

5. Keep crocheting in the round until the next increase or decrease round.
In the example here, which is the body of an amigurumi (more to be revealed soon!), as I had to decrease evenly at different intervals, I just flipped the tail back and forth marking the start of the round. This makes it all easier to count the rounds crocheted as well.

When it is all finished, just snip the tail somewhere near the start of the work (circled in blue above), be careful not to cut the actual project! Reach inside, pull the tail through and just leave it sitting inside. All will be hidden once the body is stuffed!

Hope this makes sense! I am hoping to put more tutorials together in the coming months, might even try recording a short clip...

Stitch with Love...


  1. Great looking bag there, love the colours.
    Thanks for the tail tips!!
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. Haha thanks Anita! I hope it all makes sense... It is the body of a softie which I hope will be all done soon :)

  2. What a great little tip! Thanks, I'll remember that one.

    1. Thanks Melanie!! So glad it helps :) and thanks for dropping by too!