June 23, 2013

Craft & Quilt Fair Sydney 2013

Last weekend a friend and I went to the annual Craft & Quilt Fair in Sydney. As with previous years there were loads of talents and endless inspirations.

I was pretty restrained in terms of spending this year... really I was, only a small loot - SEE!

Instead, I did walk away with many ideas and not to mention a great fun day with a friend! This is also the first time I took a class and what great fun it was - don't know why I never did!

I did the carving and stamping workshop with Lisa Walton of Dyed and Gone to Heaven. It was an hour class, from concept to carving to stamping or rubbing with crayon in my case! I even managed not to stab myself with the carving tool! The hour went by way too quickly but that's the nature of events like this. I enjoyed it nonetheless, learned about the really cool tools (Ezy carve rubber block, different dyes and paints etc) available and played around with the different dyeing techniques. I will definitely be keeping an eye on Lisa's classes as lucky for me, she is also in Sydney!

It would be wrong of me not to mention the quilts on show. They were amazing! Many traditional pieces and some innovative ideas. We also attended one of the master classes called Adding Layers by Material Obsession. So refreshing to see these modern quilting ideas. I love the use of felt pieces for bursts of colours and texture.

So with all that inspirations, I came home and got crafting on the Sunday! I am just in the process of sorting through the photos as that's just a whole different post - hopefully this afternoon!

Until then, happy stitching!!

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