April 27, 2013

Billy the Goat amigurumi

Meet the latest member of my zodiac amigurumi animals - Billy the Goat.

Billy is only young so not very experienced in getting his pictures taken. He is playful when he is not trying to pose for the camera! I really think a buttoned up cardigan would look smashing on him but he is not that preppy, apparently... He doesn't even want to wear the bell!

This little amigurumi is made out of all simple single crochets in the round. I used some scrap black felt for his forehead and some 6mm safety eyes (he likes to stare!)


Here is the family so far... It makes me happy to see them together. I love how they all look different yet they seem to compliment one another... I am glad I took a group shot cause this gives me ideas for the rest of the animals and more importantly perspective on how my crochet and design skills have progressed.


I still have 5 more animals to make and then I am hoping to write up the the patterns for them. This is a slow long term project but I will get there.

Back to more creating....

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