March 17, 2013

I did it!! The Dreamers Autumn Market recap...

Wow - what an amazing experience I had at the Dreamers Market yesterday!!! Here are some snippets of the day. Although no words can really fully describe it but hopefully the pictures can tell the gist of the story.

Stall set up done - first edition at 8:57am
Then I changed my mind and rearranged a few things.... about 9:14am - Market opened at 9:30am
So happy with how the laminated signs and the paper pom poms turned out! Thanks for my sister in-law who helped me putting the pom poms together at 11:30pm the night before!
A dear friend Janine suggested for me to have an "about me" photo so I made this up on glossy paper and stuck on a foam board. This also gave me an avenue to include my mascot "Benny" the amigurumi bunny. The convo bubble is a bit too small but it is Benny telling people to ask me about him.
The cupcake display - photo taken by my dear friend Yen... 
Around 11am... all the sock softies and a few of the cupcakes were gone and I had to rearrange the table a bit.  
Happy little customers!! This has to be my favourite photo of the day! 
Then a couple of these guys went to good homes too - I named them Bo the Bear Bear...

Here is the lovely Yen

This is the lovely Janine!  
Last and definitely not least, my supportive hubby - and did I say he made the two poles that held up the signs and the pom poms - at 10:30pm the night before?!

Key notes from yesterday include:
  • Met some amazingly talented artists and those I spoke to were all so friendly and supportive and only too happy to share their experiences. As a newbie at this, I was so grateful for their openness.
  • I learned that I LOVE talking to people!
  • I am blessed with beautiful friends and I have been overwhelmed with their support (many came and those who couldn't, sent me encouraging messages)
  • People do really like my stuff!! woohoos! It took me a little while to learn to say thank you when people complimented but I was so chuffed to realise that these people really meant what they said!
  • that I really can pull something like this off by myself!! I am so incredibly proud as I can honestly say that this is the first time I have done something entirely off my own bat for my very self. Of course along the way I had help (notably Yen and of course hubby) which I am ever so grateful for... 
What's up next? Well, I am still digesting what I experienced from yesterday but one thing for sure, I am pumped! I have been getting some good feedback and great enquiries for custom pieces so I am excited for the follow up work ahead. I won't be diving into another market in the near months as I want to regroup, reflect and plan which I have some great ideas and now just have to put some action plans together - so watch this space.

In the meantime, I am taking next week off actually making the softies but put some thoughts to upcoming plans and follow up work. We also have a friends' wedding, some family visiting next weekend, and perhaps it's really time to focus on the home front as the house is an absolute bomb after weeks of neglect! :)

Life is great - savour it! 


  1. Hi Amanda,

    Your stall was just wonderful. All the hard work you put into the stall really showed on market day. You did not seem like a first timer as everything was well thought out. I'm so proud of you for the success of your first market. We really enjoyed it.
    Btw, you don't need to thank me for anything, you did all the hard work yourself.

    1. Thanks Yen! Seriously I wouldn't have those amazing pictures of each individual softies without your help! Thanks so much for your support and encouragement alon the way not just for this market! xx