February 3, 2013

Stitching mad!

One of my personal goals/ dreams this year is to try selling some of my creations online, not in a million years did I imagine selling at market stalls... but when I spotted a post on the Sew Make Create Facebook page about applications closing for a market stall at the upcoming Dreamers Markets, I was immediately curious.

Before I knew it, I requested for the information pack and then next I knew I was submitting my own application! It's like I was hypnotised! I love the idea of a wholly handmade markets, it being so close to home and the opportunity to meet other handmade artists.

All applicants have to undergo a selection process and I will be told if I am successful in securing a stall spot by 10 February. I am not totally expecting to be selected, purely due to my lack of experience in selling my handmade but I am already really proud of myself for actually taking the step to apply. My sole aim this time is to try as it is not in my nature to jump into things without extensive research (sometimes too extensive!) and having a deadline like this will really push me along.

Regardless of whether I get a stall, the anticipation I have felt since I submitted my application last weekend has been overwhelming - in a really good way.

I started planning! I have decided to just focus on my softies only this time so I have been on a stitching mad frenzy since... here is a snippet of what I have had so far...

I know they are faceless but not for long!! I need to make sure their expression fits...

See how my faithful project manager staying close by my side!

My brain has been going overdrive with so many ideas... how many designs do I want to showcase? how many of each will I make? what styles will they be? how do I want to present and package them? etc etc etc


How I want my stall to look like? the props I want, should I revamp my label? paperbag vs plastic bag, business cards? colour theme? inventory - spreadsheet with photos? etc etc etc.


More practical and important stuff like pricing (should have been the first thing!), do I need an ABN? looking to public liability insurance options, drawing out a budget etc etc etc...


I did say I tend to research a lot.  All of these take me away from actually making but I am pumped with excitement!

Having said all that, if I don't get picked this time, I am cool with that plus I will have enough softies to put on an online shop of some kind.

Got to get back to my stitching fun!!


  1. Good luck with your sales. People
    love handmade gifts so it should be
    fun for you.
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. Thanks Anita! Either way I know I will enjoy and learn from the experience :)

  2. It sounds like you have everything covered, well done! If you put your heart and soul to your creations (which you do!), it will always show in the finished product. Good luck, we're sure you'll do well!