February 10, 2013

It's official! I am going to the Dreamers Markets!!!

Woohoos!! I am in!!!

The email came through last Sunday night but I didn't see it until Monday morning on the way to work. I hadn't realised that I was holding my breath when I clicked on the email... Looking back, I felt like I was waiting for that acceptance letter for uni those many years ago (back in the day when we got them by mail!)

I let the news sunk in or I tried to anyway... those closest to me knew I was quietly hyperventilating. My day job was relatively hectic so that kept me focus on the normal stuff.

This is an opportunity I didn't foresee and I realised that I should grab with both hands and run with it.

Once I have decided to do this, I set the wheels in motion. I got public liability insurance quotes, I called my accountant, I emailed the graphic designers (to clean up the logo), I set up a Facebook page, I ordered more materials, I wrote down yet more ideas, and most importantly, I started stitching.

Check out the proper graphic designed logo!

So I have got to get back to the stitching but here is a sneak peek at what is coming!

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