November 4, 2012

Moon dance stripy sweet coriolis socks

I finished my first stripy socks!!! The pattern is Sweet Coriolis Socks by Cat Bordhi from the Cat's Sweet Tomato Heel Socks: an eBook. The yarn, oh the gorgeous yarn, is Vesper Sock Yarn by Knitterly Things in the Moon Dance colourway.

I love the sweet tomato heel, it is so clever and who knew it would be so simple! It fits my heels perfectly!

I decided to maintain the Coriolis band until 3 inches of leg left where I started the diagonal ribbing. The pattern is simple to remember and Cat Bordhi's instructions are very clear although I got a little confused at the second companion round of diagonal ribbing. It says to make the repeat until 2 stitches before D but I didn't have 2 stitches left if I did the full repeat. I did write to Cat and she repeated the pattern which at the time I couldn't get my head around. In the end I took her instructions literally, rather than doing the repeat in full, I just knit to 2 stitches before D and K2tog. I learned to just trust the pattern and follow as it says.

Anyway, I love this ebook and her instructional videos on youtube.

Now let me say how much I loooove the yarn! I love the magic of self striping yarns, yep, just like magic. I can't stop marvelling at how each stripe has the same number of rounds! Not to mention that it feels squishy and soft to knit with.

I am very proud of how matchy the two socks are!! The extra effort I put in at the beginning to divide the skein into two even balls and making sure that I started with the same colour has really paid off!

So happy!!! Ah another good thing about having small feet is that I have leftover yarn... there is about 31grams left so I think I will make an amigurumi or part of one with it... I also have another skein in Monet's Garden colour way. I can't wait to make something out of... it is screaming "girl baby cardigan" so we will have to see.


  1. Hi Amanda,
    Well done on the socks girl,they look great!!!I don't blame you for not being able to wait to get knitting with that yarn, it's yum!!!
    Cheers, Anita.