July 15, 2012

Epic fail... Grrr


So my second sock is too short... I am not impressed how I could make such basic mistake... GRRR... but what's done is done and whilst I cursed the whole time I ripped back, it is now back to foot where I have to do another repeat (at least I think).

What I have learned from this? I have learned that:
1. always have the first sock in the same project bag
2. put notes in Ravelry project page
3. measure properly for goodness sake!
4. how to rip back purl stitches (I had no issues with putting back knit stitches but never did purl stitches, now I know...)

I definitely prefer knitting socks toe up rather than cuff down but I am going to persevere of course as I can never not finish something... so... onwards!

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