February 12, 2012

198 yards of Heaven shawl

Last weekend I started the 198 yards of Heaven shawl. I was looking forward to making this shawl because I am still new to lace knitting and something this size would be manageable and a good practice.

I am up to 19th row of the 2nd lace chart repeat, which is about 60% through. I have had to rip back a couple of times after the first lace chart repeat but they are all operator's errors. Despite these boo boos, I am really enjoying this project and I am getting better at the chart reading too.

I am using the Touch hand painted yarns (possum/ merino mix) my parents in-law bought back for me from New Zealand. It's in a lovely semi solid red and it feels so soft and easy to knit with. I am using the Knit Pro interchangeable 80cm 4.5mm circular needles.  60cm would probably be better but I don't have one and the 80cm is working fine.

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