December 10, 2011

Gone on a binge!

A shopping binge that is... still an addiction problem isn't it? Oh well, I don't have any other life threatening vices so I don't think my periodic crafty shopping spree is posing any major drama on our life... Believe it or not, I do have some self-imposed rules when it comes to my crafty habit... so long as I can fit every crafty related items in my crafty room, neatly, I haven't gotten out of control. That's what I am sticking to anyway!

So this week, postman brought me these two skeins from Skein Yarn. One is a merino cashmere fingering weight yarn in the Envy colour and the other one is the first of the 3 from the lace club I signed up recently. This month's yarn s vintage lace in the Cherub colour way. They are both incredibly soft and squishy. This is the first time I bought from Skein Yarn and I am certainly not disappointed. I have been searching for Aussie indie dyers and Skein Yarn is one of the few I found recently, of course the other one is Stranded in Oz which I have mentioned numerous times.

Then today is Morris & Sons' Christmas sale, I got an email yesterday telling me that everything is 20% off and some are up to 80% off! Well, need I say more? I had never been to their sales on the first day before and because of that I missed out on some great bargains. So this year, I decided I learned from experience and I would visit the store on its first day of sales... the result is this...

...and a small fortune later, I walked way feeling like a kid in a toy shop! I did feel bad for the bank account but it was only a fleeting moment... sign of an addict? I told hubby how much I saved him because the bag of 10 Paton Emotions alone is over 50% off! huh? no brainer right? I felt so happy cause at the shop everyone spoke the same language and best of all, my little loot would have been considered small (nope, I am not alone)...

Unfortunately for hubby, I have to go back on Monday as I picked up a pair of 60cm Knitpro 2mm circular rather than the 80cm that I asked for so I have do an exchange. I will try my hardest (I said I would try) that I won't look at the yarns.

On a serious note, I think I need to have a strategy at the next sale. For example arm with the patterns/ projects rather than trying to figure them out in my head : ) I am still happy!

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