September 4, 2011

Bunnies iPad2 sleeve

When I got this iPad, I also had a shop bought cover. It's leather and very sturdy and can be folded up like a stand for the iPad. But it is so bulky and... black! I just couldn't think of anything more boring! So I bought the smart cover which is very snazzy but I didn't think it was protective enough...

So I made a simple sleeve for my iPad this week. I didn't device a pattern, just measured up the iPad, added 1.5cm on each side as seam. I added two buttons, using the same fabric, with elastic hair bands closures at the top of the sleeve. The reason that I didn't place the closures in the middle is that I want to be able to charge the iPad while it is in the sleeve. Well, it is very snug so there is no fear of it sliding out! Learning experience as I think it would have been better if I took into account height as well, right?!

Anyway it has turned out nicely with the cute fabric I picked up many months ago at Hobbysew and very practical.

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