August 28, 2011

Some sewing this weekend...

I did some sewing this weekend... actually I started last weekend but got distracted with a couple of unexpected events. Both good though but since this is a predominately crafty blog, I am just going to write about what I have sewn : ) YAY!

First one is a drawstring bag based based on this tutorial using the sheepie flannel fabric I got the other week. I have found the tutorial well written and easy to follow. This should fit a medium sized project like a shawl/ scarf.

Second thing I made is also a knitting project bag... Yup I have the sewing project bags itch! So I experimented with a basic flat bottom bag with a zipper. I also wanted it to be handy so I added a wristlet as well. I had never sewn zippers before and needless to say I made a few mistakes which I have now learned from. I also broke a needle on the machine - oops - another first for me having owned a sewing machine for more than 1 years... hmm, this little bag has its dodgy bits but it works and I am fairly happy with the outcome of my first go at a zipper.  I have called it my "Babushka zip baggy with wristlet". I bought this cute Babushka fabric from Retromummy last year and the inner spotty corduroy from Lincraft a while ago. This bag fits a small project like socks or one or two amigurumi.

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