July 10, 2011

So cold...

It's been so cold and windy here which inspired me to knit more. So this week, I finished the simple stockinette beanie for a friend's new baby boy.

This is loosely based on Katt Walker's pattern "All Ears" on Ravelry but I made some decrease rows before grafting it shut. I wasn't going to made the ears but without them, it seems a bit too plain... so I knitted up a pair of bear ears. I made these ears up as they are not in the pattern though they are very simple, just very tiny version of the toe up socks toes! I used the magic loop cast on and it's a good practice for me as I always crochet little objects for the amigurumis and never knitted them.

Anyway, the whole beanie knitted up very quickly and it has turned out quite nice. I can't wait to give it to our little baby friend!

I also started the left mitten of the One Cabled Mitts. It's going so far so good. Simpler than I thought though I haven't used double pointed needles for a long time and found that I am still as clumsy as I first used them.

So hopefully my tension will stay the same and the mittens fit my hands properly!

It is still cold...

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